Thursday, April 21, 2011

My babies

Has anyone had any pets that they just adored? Well, we have several. Yesterday, I took our six week baby Lionhead bunny from her cage, only to find that she had broken her leg. I am not certain how it happened, but my daughter said her leg was caught in the cage wire the day prior. So, after checking with several vets in the area, and finding that the cost in setting her leg would be upwards of $500 to $1000 for treatment. And then, after treatment, they could not guarantee that she would make it. So, with that, we decided we would take care of her ourselves. So, off to the craft store for some casting materials. We set the bones the best that we could, and stabilized the area. She seems to be doing better and doesn't seem to mind the cast too much. She is eating and I am praying that she recovers. Here are some pics of our baby in her new cast.


  1. I found your blog from a comment you made on another blog. A few years ago we had a lion head bunny named Thumper. Sadly we had to give him away when we moved from Florida to Indiana. How is your little bunny doing? Hopefully making a full recovery.

    Take care

  2. Sorry to not see your comment 'til now. She is doing so great! See pictures of her now in my latest post. I used to live in Florida. We lived there for almost ten years, in the Tampa area.